About Us

Sokonik Company Ltd. is the leading and oldest in the country in the field of exhibitions and Hcnsim.hhbrh has been active for 30 years in domestic and international exhibitions. We continue to innovate, lead and surprise our customers every time Mhds.hbrtno gave birth to a unique exhibition concept and exclusive.

T.M.S - Total Marketing Solution

The concept is unique and first of its kind center under one roof all the major areas in the field of exhibitions and their productions in front of me all the customer needed during and after the event: the construction of marketing complex design concepts.

  • Design concept and its construction borrowers.
  • Customer assistance in producing memorable experiential marketing activities and effective.
  • Wide production solutions - modular construction, carpentry and metal construction, construction of unique elements.
  • Establishing projects in Israel and abroad.
  • Lighting, manufacture and equipment.
  • Digital printing full range of materials and finishes.
  • Rental equipment and furniture.
  • Building business presentations.
  • site design and development.
  • PR services and marketing consulting to face the audience.
  • Professionalism, experience, precision progress and peace of mind.

Any field and event we take care to accompany the client from the planning until December Sahrii.mahorino thousands of shows, productions, conferences and Kdmi"m left the visitors are surprised each time anew and became the leader in its field for showing and for the warm event.